An Education with the concept of all round development of the individual student is the foremost philosophy of BIS Group of Institutions. Besides, the educational services being offered, the society is striving for the welfare & betterment of the common people, particularly of rural areas. The beneficiary belongs to all sections of the society and religion. The services activities of the society have increased many folds ever since BIS Institute of Sciences & Technology became operational in year 2001.Since the technology has continued to grow and thus the teaching faculty is able to offer qualified advice to the students and recommend the most suitable text books and methodology for their requirements. Experts technical assistance is constantly available to ensure students achieve the highest possible performance in their studies.

Our society has short range/long range goals, as to provide quality education and train the students in the area of their specialization so that they can face the challenges in the millennium. Other goals include to pursue Industry-Academic interactions in an attempt to solve the current problems of the industry, to carry out research in the areas of the courses being offered and to organize continuing education programs to keep ourselves abreast of the development trends in the fields.