About UCP / University Campus Program

University Campus Program (UCP) has been conceptualised and developed by Punjab Technical University in association with QEEE set up by Ministry of Human Resource & Development (MHRD), Government of India in 2013. 
The very foundation of this program is its revolutionary methodology of learning which constitutes direct beaming of live classes from IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) to the classrooms of “University Campus Program†of Punjab Technical University. 
Along with the digital streaming of lectures from IITs into the classrooms of University Campus Program, eminent & highly qualified faculties from top institutes like IITs and NITs are present in the classrooms, who further enhance the knowledge, comprehension, application and synthesis of concepts to make the students understand the concepts more effectively and easily. 
Market surveys reveal that the learning style of today’s generation is moving more & more towards digital world bringing convenience of learning and its availability 24x7. Peer pressure is creating competitiveness. This is bringing in the need of making learning aids available as & when required. Thus, the new program architecture of University Campus Program makes it relevant to current Academic & Industry requirements.
The new B.Tech program under UCP aims to target 3 important attributes that students should possess after completing their degree program:
  • A strong conceptual foundation & fundamental skills to help adapt to the ever-changing industry scenario.
  • Technical & Professional skills that fulfil the core requirements of any career.
  • Special competencies and know-how to distinguish them at the workplace and succeed in a competitive, result-oriented professional work environment
With the technological advancements and the learning styles of techno-savvy generation, the B.Tech program under UCP will now offer an enhanced Student Learning Experience.
In this new approach, the learning process is not just limited to following the textbook. It is now enhanced through group and peer learning activities. 
To launch B.Tech program under University Campus Program, Punjab Technical University and the Government of Punjab have especially earmarked the Top Colleges of Punjab to ensure the delivery of exceptional standard of education that is collaborative, student-focused, and technologically efficient to encourage new innovation.