Medical Laboratory Technologists

About the Course
MLT course is an allied health specially concerned with diagnosis, treatment & prevention of disease through the use of clinical lab test. MLT is a profession which combines the challenges of both medicine & science. It is one of the most rapidly expanding health care fields. They play an increasing important role in health care delivery.

Career Prospects
A Post graduate degree in medical technology, one of the biological sciences, bio-chemistry, Microbiology or management, usually speeds advancement. A doctorate is however needed to become a laboratory director. Federal regulation requires directors of moderately complex laboratories to have a masters degree combined with the appropriate amount of training and experience.
With M.Sc. in Biochemistry one can find jobs in many places like research and development laboratories of government and private hospitals, research organizations, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Being closely related to biotechnology, there are many similarities between them, making also a very promising career option.
Scholars of Biochemistry can opt for a career as Biochemist, Environmental Biochemist, Industrial Biochemist, Biotechnologist, Biomedical Scientist; Geneticist .Apart from these you can do PhD for an attractive career option.
Graduation in Science.
BIS Group of Institutions has tied up with Kamal Lab. Patiala for Training of M.Sc (MLT) students.
Admission Procedure
All eligible candidates are admitted directly on merit basis.