Advantages of the University

NO. 1 TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY: Punjab Technical University has been ranked No. 1 technical university in India by Indian Society of Technical Education in 2013, encouraging technical universities to enhance the performance and serve the community by improving quality and maintaining standard of the program offered. The Indian Society for Technical Education is a non-profit making society whose major objective is to assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industries and other organizations. 

Getting an engineering degree from India’s finest university automatically adds an edge to your qualifications. The skills and knowledge acquired here always keep you ahead in life, be it job or your own business.

STATE GOVERNMENT UNIVERSITY: Punjab Technical University is a State Government run University which was established in the year 1997, under the Punjab Technical University Act, 1996 (Punjab Act No. 1 of 1997), for the establishment and incorporation of a University for the advancement of technical education and development in the state of Punjab. 

Getting quality educational degree from a government institution always assures you of the credentials of your qualification and its acceptability in both domestic and international markets. Your degree is well recognised and respected for its academic rigour and excellence. 

DIGITAL STREAMING OF LECTURES FROM IITs: Introducing for the first time in Engineering Education, digital streaming of lectures from IITs for better understanding of concepts. Punjab Technical University’s- University Campus Program will necessarily include lectures that are streamed directly from the IITs in the classes across University Campuses. This will be possible through state-of-the-art infrastructure at these campuses. 

Lectures from IITs give the students of this program, strong understanding and conceptual foundation of engineering in the same manner as any student who is studying engineering at the coveted IITs. QEEE under Ministry of Human Resource & Development has worked hard in revamping and putting together a new model under which engineering education in India will get delivered in near future. Students under University Campus Program undergo a rigorous methodology all enabling them to excel in their chosen pursuits.

FACULTIES FROM INSTITUTES LIKE IITs & NITs: The faculties of University Campus Program comprise of the sharpest minds from the finest institutes in India like IITs and the NITs, to enable students to understand, learn and excel in their respective streams. Punjab Technical University understands that such high quality program will require a guide who can decipher knowledge in a way that content doesn’t look too hard to comprehend. 

Such action will result in excellence of the student in terms of making them industry ready globally. The faculty promises the most advanced knowledge sharing and education. Such a model harnesses the benefits of digital streaming of lectures from IITs to its maximum level and ensures that the in-class faculties are able to transfer this knowledge to each student more effectively. 

DIGITALLY EQUIPPED CLASSROOMS: The University Campus has a well-developed infrastructure; state-of-the-art technology. The classrooms are ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching) enabled to provide the students with direct observation of performance and understanding. 

The digital classrooms are the need of the hour, as it has been seen that traditional method of teaching proves to be a burden to the students. Today, technology is playing a major role in how education is changing and improving. 

STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM:Select meritorious students under University Campus Program will be sent to study abroad for high end training for a semester in cutting edge technological world at various foreign universities. These include University of California, Santa Cruz, University of Toronto, Canada, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan, University of Tokyo, Japan, and Dongguk University, South Korea. 

The students get exposed to international environment of learning, new cultures and develop immensely in becoming global professionals. 

: This is the first time in India that such program has come into existence, which initiates to create a whole new institution to provide the needed and quality education to less privileged. PTU has collaborated with University of California, Santa Cruz, for this program. The first batch is expected to start from the year 2014. The selection of students for the Indian Institute of Excellence would be based entirely on merit from amongst those studying B.Tech under the University Campus Program.

Selected students get trained in the finest engineering subjects that are brought to India through this unique collaboration. The alumni of such an esteemed institution will be coveted and sought after in the country in the years to come.