Mock Assessment

PMaps Assessment

Welcome to the PMaps Assessment Test

This test contains of 3 timed sections, in the order mentioned below


S. No.                 Section Name                                          No. Of Questions             Time/Section

1                         English                                                       14 Questions                   6 Minutes

2                         Logical reasoning                                    6 Questions                     4 Minutes

3                         Quantitative Aptitude                                5 Questions                     5 Minutes


Total  15 Minutes


No calculators are allowed in the test

Only Pen and paper are allowed for rough work

Mobile phones should be switched off during the test


We wish you all the very best


Section 1A :    English-Vocabulary

InstructuionQ(1-4): You are given a word for which you have to find the correct plural spelling from the options.

Q1) Interview

A.      Interviewees

B.      Interviewers

C.      Interviews

D.      Interviewes

Q2) Vacancy

A.      Vacancys

B.      Vacancyes

C.      Vacancise

D.      Vacancies

Q3) Shelf

A.      Shelfs

B.      Shelves

C.      Shelfes

D.      Shelvses

Q4) Match

A.      Matchees

B.      Matches

C.      Matcheses

D.      Matchses

Instruction Q (5-7) : Locate the word that means the opposite.

Q5.  Kind means the opposite of:

A.      Generous

B.      Callous

C.      Ideal

D.      Heavy

Q6. Long means the opposite of:

A.      High

b.      Low

C.      Short wide

D.      Wide

Q7. Down is the opposite of:

A.      Horizontal

B.      Up

C.      Fallen

D.      Crouching

Section 1B : English Grammar

Instruction Q(8-14): Choose one word that best complements the sentence

Q8. I could not have __________________

A.      Eaten

B.      Ate

C.      Eat

D.      Eating

Q9. ______________ the post arrived yet?

A.      Has

B.      Have

C.      Is

D.      Are

Q10. It looks _________________ it is going to rain.

A.      Though

B.      As

C.      As though

D.      None of these

 Q11. _____________ was it her fault.

A.      Or

B.      Nor

C.      Now

D.      None of these

Q12. I knew _______________  it was going to happen

A.      That

B.      What

C.      Like

D.      Likely

Q13. We____________ talking when he intrrupted .

A.      Were

B.      Was

C.      Are

D.      Will be

Q14. My sister and ____________ went to see our grandmother.

A.      Me

B.      I

C.      My

D.       Mine

Section 2 : Logical Reasoning

Q1. Find out the missing word from four words given below.

Air:Atmosphere:: Water: ??

A.      Island

B.      Earth

C.      Ocean

D.      Drop

Instruction Q(2-5) : Answer below by finding relationship in given question.

 Q2. Man is to boy as woman is to:

A.      Lady

B.      Girl

C.      Madam

D.      Lad

Q3. Food is to eat as water is to:

A.      Swallow

B.      Bathe

C.      Drink

D.      Shower

Q4. Fill in the blank using logical relation.

  ABC:ZYX:: CBA: ??

A.      XYZ

B.      BCA

C.      YZX

D.      ZYX

Q5. If in a certain language  P R O S E is coded to P P O Q E , how is “ L I G H T “ coded in that code ?

A.       L I G H T

B.      L L G F E

C.      J I E H R

D.      L G G F T


Section 3 : Quantitative Aptitude

Instruction Q(1-4): What should come in place of (?) in the following question

Q1.         58% of 842 + =1200

A.      874.54

B.      711.64

C.      764.74

D.      543.84

Q2.        12.22 + 22.21 +221.12 =??

A.      250.55

B.      255.55

C.      250.05

D.      255.05

Q3.       78/5/0.5 =?

A.      15.6

B.      31.2

C.      7.8

D.      20.4

Q4. 87878-7878-6666-777-33=?

A.      72524

B.      73354

C.      75224

D.      72534

Q5. The simple interest accrued on amount of Rs. 10,530/- at the nd of 5 years is 6318/-. What is the rate of interest of %p.a.

A.      8

B.      14

C.      10

D.      12